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North Cheyenne Canyon Park
Enter North Cheyenne Canyon Park, and you suddenly feel as though you were miles away from the city! The park begins at the Starsmore Discovery Center and winds up through Cheyenne Canyon with hiking trails and picnic areas interspersed. Several trailheads are along the road (The Columbine trail is the longest in the park, with a mild grade and several entry points from the road.)


Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center has a wide variety of activities for all ages in October and early November. On Saturdays or Sundays, take a guided nature walk on the Silver Cascade Falls Trail at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. At 1:00, enjoy a family outing with a discovery walk (a 1 mile easy hike on thye beautiful Lower Columbine Trail.

For specific information regarding the park schedule and activities, visit the city of Colorado Springs web page at learningArea

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